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NEOTT 2020 Schedule* - Must attend 7 out of 11 to qualify for year-end awards.
All the details will be on Facebook

(no FB account needed but note that anything posted is viewable by anyone and everyone on the global Internet).

* All events are subject to change due to weather. Grand Lake is prone to high water events.  Check the Facebook page prior to event.

* New: Click here to open the full Central Regionals, Nationals and Other Events Calendars.  Very cool check it out..

Come ride with us - spectators free - always..

Seven great reasons YOU should own a trials bike

#1: It will make you a better rider.

#2: They are way more fun than a gym.

#3: They are quiet.

#4: They are cheap to run and maintain.

#5: A set of tires will last forever.

#6: All you need is a backyard.

#7: They hold their value.

Full Article by TheHellTeam is here.

Various other links are articles about trials is here.


2020 Club Officers are:
- President: Jason Shackelford
- Vice President: Todd Duesterhaus
- Secretary: Mark Dennison
- Treasurer: Annie Shackelford
- Officer at Large: Jackson Malone

2019 Wrap Up

Congrats to the 2019 class winners:
- Expert: Jason Shackelford
- Intermediate: Eldon Malone
- Sr Ama: Mike Williams
- Ama: Ryan Witchy
- Novice: Annie Shackelford

2019 Iron Man Awards
- Jason Shackelford
- Kevin Kight
- Todd Duesterhaus
- Eldon Malone
- Jackson Malone
- Mark Dennison