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For over 30 years NEOTT has sponsored events and promoted the sport of motorcycle trials.  We invite you to join us at our next event to ride, watch or just learn more about MotoTrials.

NEOTT - 2015 Schedule

Next NIGHT Trial - @Sonrise

Friday Aug 21 

6 PM Gates Open

8 PM riders meeting

-> Fun ride No NEOTT points

-> Bring some goodies to share

-> Spectators always welcome and free

NEOTT - Fee Change Notice

Starting with the April 2015 event:

  • Entry fees for Oklahoma resident non-members will be $30.  
  • Out-of-state and NEOTT member fees remain $20.  
  • Octobertest and Sooner Cup fees are set separately.
  • NEOTT members also have the option to purchase a 6-pack for $17.50\event or 10-pack for $15\event
  • Join NEOTT, save money.

NEOTT - Pics from Sonrise

NEOTT - Pics from Rocky Ford

NEOTT - Pics from Tishomingo Sooner Cup

NEOTT - Pics from Fry Lake

NEOTT - Pics from Hoyland

NEOTT - Video Training Series - Learn to Ride

Cody Webb on how riding trials helped him for Enduro-Cross.

Here  are some fun trials training videos from the guys down under to help you get ready for the second half of the season.   A good place to start is how to balance on a trials bike.   Humor: The Evolution of Trials Riders

Here is a nice 5 minute intro to Trials Video done by Alan Shirley during his visit to Australia.

Or go retro and learn old school with Mick Andrews

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