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For over 30 years NEOTT has sponsored events and promoted the sport of motorcycle trials.  We invite you to join us at our next event to ride, watch or just learn more about MotoTrials.

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2014 Membership Form

Working on a fun ride at Fry Lake 6 miles East of Seminole on Saturday Dec 27 @9:30 ish - weather permitting - (it is supposed to be a fun ride after all)  200+ acres of private property with a nice canyon area for trials riding.

NEOTT - Next Event - Jan 25, 2015 - Hoyland

Working on the 2015 Schedule but January is at Hoyland, Feb at Fry Lake 6 miles east of Seminole, OK.

NEOTT - Last Event - Dec 14, 2014 @ Grand Lake

Results are here

Splish - Splash

Team Giggles

Tricky Hillclimb

Drown Out

NEOTT - Video Training Series - Learn to Ride

Cody Webb on how riding trials helped him for Enduro-Cross.

Here  are some fun trials training videos from the guys down under to help you get ready for the second half of the season.   A good place to start is how to balance on a trials bike.   Humor: The Evolution of Trials Riders

Here is a nice 5 minute intro to Trials Video done by Alan Shirley during his visit to Australia.

2015 NATIONALS - Big Changes

New class structure and a new Senior Sandbaggers class (you know who you are :-) Senior Clubman (40+).  

Western Series events in Texas, Arizona, and Wyoming. 

Eastern Series events in Nebraska and Ohio.

All the details are here

2014 NATIONALS - PERU, KS May 31 and Jun 1

  • Huge Success - big shout out to the AVTA club for pulling this together
  • Voted as the 2014 National of the Year
  • Shan Moore TandE write-up and video is here

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 Why MotoTrials?

- Affordable

- Challenging

- Mental

- Physical

- Fun



- Recession busting low cost

- No go fast gadgets needed

- Low Maintenance Costs

- 1 gallon of gas outlasts you

- First event is free



- Much harder than it looks

- Continuous improvement



- More mental than physical

- It is the rider not the bike

- Gotta believe to achieve

- You will succeed



- Great Workout

- Low impact

- Low risk

- Cross train

- Can ride into your 70's or 80's

- Ride Year Round-all conditions



- Learn new skills - TTC

- Make new friends

- Family friendly

- Cooperative competition

- Learn new phrases

- A healthy addiction